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  • Powder coating:

    Because there is high shear in the process of powder coating, for the best pearlescent and metallic effect, usually to add the Pearl and Metal Luster Effect Pigments after averaged mixing of resin, additives and other pigments.

  • Metal base coating:

    Metal base such as automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, train, boat, container, computer and so on.As for the outdoor application, the products covered with Rutile TiO2 have very good weather resistance, but we still suggest adopt special weather-resistant grade. Please click: ( Weather-resistant Series

  • Building coating:

    As for the effect pigments, the mass of building surface is very coarse. Generally, the surface should do smoothness treatment , adopt spraying coating and multiple scumble. And as for the outdoor application , we still suggest adopt weather-resistant grade products.

  • Wood coating:

    Smooth appearance decide the directional arrangement of effect pigments would be good or not.

  • Plastic surface coating:

    Plastic surface such as mobile, commodity, electrics, toy, stationery etc. These very thin coating need well dispersion, avoid shaping ball and raising stain.

  • Leather coating:

    The shade-stability of organic pigment is important when they are mixed together with effect pigments.

  • Textile coating:

    The tone- stability of color surface and mixed regular organic pigments is quite important.

  • Glass base coating:

    The glass surface is very smooth, so chosen resin and glass adhesion are very important.

  • Seed coating:

    Generally, don't have any strict requirement about shade-stability. Under condition of decoration effect, price is the key point to control cost.

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