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Wonderful natural color
Wonderful natural color

The relatively thick mica is coated with golden rutile-type titanium dioxide, containing 1-3% tin oxide, which has good weather resistance. Smooth and smooth surface, producing pearly luster. Different thickness of titanium dioxide coating, produced Different reflection colors. These colors are as beautiful as a rainbow, but they do not contain any pigment components. It is an optical phenomenon.

They come in two colors: reflection and transmission. The reflection and transmission are complementary. So the two products with complementary reflection colors cannot be mixed (such as red and orange).

Different substrate colors will greatly Affects the color of the final product. The white background produces a subtle Color change effect; the black background makes the reflection more pure and radiant.

When they are used in combination with transparent pigments or dyes, they can produce a noticeable color change effect.

Particle size


5-25 μm

Satin golden



5-25 μm

Satin blue



10-60 μm

Bright golden



10-60 μm

Bright violet



10-60 μm

Bright blue



10-60 μm

Bright orange


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