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Silvery white pearl series
Elegant glossiness

It is composed of mica coated with relatively thin titanium dioxide. The coated titanium dioxide is divided into anatase and golden rutile-type type, and the golden rutile-type type titanium dioxide coated product contains 1-3% tin oxide and has good weather resistance. .

Mecolor® Silvery White pearl series with clear shiny, silvery white reflection color, wide application and effective cost. they have a variety of particle sizes, small particle size produce good cover, soft smooth shiny;. granulation Larger diameter products have better transparency and brighter, even twinkling luster.

Usually used in conjunction with clear pigment/dye color matching, the final product has both color and natural luster. When used in combination with the absorbent pigment-carbon black, it produces a variety of shades of gray and elegant gloss.


Particle size




1-15 μm

fine silvery



1 -15 μm

fine silvery



2-20 μm

fine satin



5-25 μm

satin silvery



10-40 μm

Bright silvery white



10-60 μm

Bright silvery white



10-100 μm

Bright silvery white



30-120 μm

Bright silvery white



40-200 μm

Shining silvery white


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