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Located in Jiujiang City of Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang Mecolors New Materials Co., Ltd enjoys excellent development conditions: we are adjacent to Lushan Tourism Scenic Area and Poyang Lake Tourist Scenic Area, and take a few minutes drive from Lushan Station (high-speed rail station); moreover, there are convenient transportation of sea, land, air, harbor and railway readily available.

With Mecolor® as trademark, Mecolors aims to provide the most stable quality, the most beautiful color, the fastest service, and the most cost-effective products for Chinese customers. Mecolors strictly controls the quality of products in a responsible attitude towards customers. Not only in the fields of coatings, inks and plastic, but also in professional fields such as cosmetics, we adopt testing methods and facilities that meet international operating standards to ensure stable quality. We make efforts to make Mecolors truly a trusted pigment purchasing center of you.

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